About Us

BrittanyBoland Hi! We’re Brittany and Clint Boland. We met in 2007 through our church small group and from the beginning it was all business. I (Brittany) actually got to know Clint by designing his company’s logo. I have a Bachelor’s in Graphic Design, and have studied photography since high school, starting with film. Both Clint and I grew up in Charlotte, NC and have decided to stay and grow our family and business here. We are both creatives, but on different levels! Clint is in charge of the video portion of Discover Love Studios. He is a serious tech geek and a know-all-and-if-not-learn-it kinda guy. He treats each day like he’s in school and the internet is his classroom. He’s always reading blogs, following youtube how-to videos made by pros, and teaching himself new things through all the video and editing work he does. When he’s not working a wedding with me, he’s doing lots of commercial shoots for company’s websites.


We specialize in mostly weddings, families, and babies – all lifestyle. We don’t own a studio and haven’t leaned in that direction because it’s not our style. We love on-location photography. We’re always scouting new locations, new parks, and hidden gems for something different and special. When I’m not working weddings on the weekends or other shoots during the week, you’ll find me sitting at my computer in my yoga pants editing away. I edit everything in-house – it’s also something I love. It keeps my creative juices flowing past the photoshoot and I really enjoy watching the whole session come together. I find myself smiling at my screen all over again during those priceless moments I was able to capture in the previous days.


We were married in April of 2013 and have loved every minute of marriage so far. No kids yet, but we have a little 4-legged man named Bokeh (yes, bokeh, it’s a photography term). He’s a blue brindle basenji and we don’t remember what life was like without him. He’s an annoying little brat and we love him! If you follow our instagram, you’ll see him pop up every now and then! Follow us on Instagram! We’re slightly addicted to coffee, and by slightly, I mean seriously… So we’re always up for meeting at a coffee shop to talk over what your needs are when it comes to how we can serve you! We’re super casual, easy-going people. God – Family – Work – and in that order, life is good!