I count the days until I see another Byxbe.  Bekah has been a best friend of mine for a few years now, and so naturally I’ve slowly met all of her family. This past weekend topped if off with finally meeting the last few in person – the oldest son, Ben, a fellow graphic designer and his wife, Allison, as well as the other Byxbe boy Stephen, who flew to Haiti after the earthquakes and has not only lived there since, but also found and married his beautiful wife, Autumn. I also found myself enjoying the company again of the Mr. and Mrs., who have welcomed me into their home more than once, and Bekah’s older sister Sarah, a fellow photographer and her family.

This whole gang makes up a total of 15 if you count all 6 kids. Any my what a joy is was to hang out with them in the mountains this weekend! I always find pleasure in the little things, even if that’s watching kids make a mess and have awesome dance parties! Thanks for welcoming me into your lives, yet again, Byxbe Family!