OH MY GOSH! I can’t handle the cuteness that is this little Jameson! He’s not only 6 months old, but this will be his first Christmas! So for this wonderful little in-home photo session, we hung out on the bed, giggled a lot, sat by the tree, giggled some more, and showed off as much of this 6-month stage as we could. I personally love those little teeth he kept showing off. And those cheeks are ASKING to be squeezed!

This special family has seen us grow into Discover Love Studios! They have been clients for over 3 years! Jessica’s first baby, Blake, was one of my first newborn sessions, and such a little cutie he was also! Jessica decided that because of the countless changes that happen during the first year of life, she wanted a photo-session done with Blake every 3 months! So in Blake’s first year of life, we did 5 sessions with him! And so we are doing the same for baby Jameson! This Christmas session being his third!

Seeing how great these 5 sessions have become, I decided to introduce a new baby-session package! 5 sessions in the year, with the last one, the baby’s birthday, being free to the client! So excited to offer this to my baby clients in the future!

And now for the images! Enjoy this cuteness overload!