Nothing makes my heart happier at the moment than to think of my dearest best friend having a baby! A mini her! I’m stoked! Elizabeth and her husband Jordan are set to have their first baby any day now (really, in the next week or two)! It would be an understatement to suggest I can wait to squeeze little baby Aaron when he makes his grand debut! And I can’t wait to be a part of it all while capturing some cherishing images for the two as they welcome into the world their first baby!
We walked around the Midtown Park area in downtown Charlotte, rain or shine, this shoot was going to happen! And it decided to sprinkle on us a little, but nothing will stop us. Stopping along the greenway, we were able to get some great Charlotte city views in the beautiful overcast weather. Stepping into the oh-so-awesome Trader Joes for a quick outfit change, and a refresher, and then to Freedom Park we went! Luckily, there was almost no one else at the park, which I love. Enjoy some of my favorites below!