Sara is a dear friend of mine who I’ve had the pleasure of knowing for almost 15 years! When Jess and Sara’s sister Kati contacted me about photographing the proposal, I was beside myself (and tried not to freak Jess out over the phone with my inner screams)! Sara and Jess met many years ago at First United Methodist Church in downtown Charlotte, NC during a Charlotte One service. It was only fitting that this is where Jess wanted to propose! To take it back to where they met and to reflect on where the Lord brought them together and where He will take their relationship from here! Jess worked with Kati to set up a beautiful path of rose petals leading to the balcony, with candles and a sweet speech waiting for her.
Jess, you did well sir! Congrats on landing one of the sweetest, most humble, God-fearing woman I know! You both deserve much happiness and love in the years to come! Thanks for asking me to be a part of this memorable moment for the two of you!